Monday, July 16, 2012

The "Rice Bag" Method

I just tried out the new “rice bag” method for applying my Jamberry Nails and I LOVE IT!!  Okay, they were pretty easy to apply with the hairdryer but I’m always one for finding the most convenient way.  I love that I can sit in my bed at night, while my husband watches TV, and I can do a full manicure without the smell bugging him, then go right to bed.  Sound good?  Well, with no dry time using Jamberry Nail Shields and by applying them with a warm rice bag, that is exactly how quick and easy it is.

If you’re familiar with applying Jamberry Nails, then you prep your nail as usual—clean, push cuticles, file, buff and clean again with alcohol or nail polish remover to get all the oils off.  Pick your favorite shields, cut the size you need and apply it to your nail.  Now, take a rice bag—like the kind you use for warmth in the winter (I’ll tell you more about how to get them in a bit) heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute (depending on the size of bag you have), use the warm bag to apply pressure and smooth your nail shield on.  I think you get better adhesion with this method than with the hairdryer and I think it’s even easier than the dryer! Depending on how quick you work, you might have to heat it a couple of times.
I am going to be making a bunch of these little babies and using them at my parties to demo, as well as hostess gifts.  One of my downlines has even started selling her little hand warmer creations, which double as Jamberry Nail Shields applicators.  I love it!  Based on her recommendation, I actually used flax seed instead of rice because they are flatter than rice grains and I liked the way the bag lays when stuffed with them.  You can use either (instant rice is NOT recommended).  To try it out, I just put some in an old baby sock, tied a knot in it and heated it up.  Worked like a dream.  Now I’m going to make more (that aren’t baby socks).

And I love this pattern better than any I’ve tried so far!  Exotic Paisley is just lovely!  So feminine and summery—goes with about anything I would wear this time of year.  Remember, you can order directly from my website at   Order three and get one FREE—what a deal!

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