Saturday, July 14, 2012

Manicures for a Cause

One the things I love about Jamberry Nails is their commitment to charity.  Currently, Jamberry Nails offers four lovely designs that help bring awareness to specific issues, as well as donates money to their causes.  The first is Autism Awareness.

My Jamberry Nails have always been attention 
getters and great conversation starters.  With this nail shield, it's a great way to bring awareness to Autism, start conversations about why Autism awareness is important to you, and a way to raise money for the Autism Society.  Jamberry Nails will donate $2.00 for each sheet of the Autism Awareness shields to the Autism Society.  Make a statement with your manicure, help raise money for an important cause and start a conversation about Autism.

I've seen these shields look fabulous applied to just a thumb or index finger with a lovely solid blue (blue for Autism awareness) or red on the other fingers.  I love how colorful these shields are and how they help bring awareness to an important cause.

The second charity is the American Cancer Society and this feminine pattern raises Breast Cancer awareness.  Again, Jamberry Nails will donate $2.00 from the sale of each sheet.  These are lovely and another great conversation starter when people catch sight of your manicure.

The third charity is one I had never heard of.  I was so excited to learn more about their program.  The Pay it Forward (PIF) movement is a charity that promotes compassion and care on a personal, one-to-one level and encourages each person touched by an act of kindness, to carry on a kindness to someone else. It's an amazing charity and you can learn more about it by visiting their website at

 Again, $2.00 from each sheet purchased will go toward this charity and you will also receive PIF wristband with your purchase.  I think the black and white pattern is classy but I really love the color.  This is a great way, especially paired with the wristband, to bring awareness to and help support an AMAZING charity.  

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