Thursday, January 12, 2012

Avon's SuperCurlacious Mascara - A Review

Today is my first product review blog entry.  I hope to do one a week.  

Today I'm offering a review of Avon's SuperCurlacious Mascara.  

Let me first tell you, I'm not a make-up kind of girl; I often don't wear any.  When I do wear it, it's usually reserved to my eyes (eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, maybe some eyeshadow and mascara).  My oily skin doesn't like foundation and I don't care for blush either.  At 34, I still have regular acne and I don't need to put anything on my face that's going to clog up my huge pores (I know--TMI).  Most days that I opt in, I just stick with the eyebrow pencil and mascara.  So, mascara's important to me.

I have fairly long eyelashes, though they've thinned as I've gotten older.  They are also mostly straight (except for a few crazy, haywire ones on my right eye).  Because they are mostly straight--long or not--you can't see them much.  I've tried eyelash curlers and they don't seem to work for me.  Mascara helps make them more visible, but they still stick out straight, making them barely visible.

One of the first things I ordered when I started selling Avon is the SuperCurlacious Mascara in black.  I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with it.  It does lengthen my lashes even more and it helps them have a nice curl--or at least a nice bend.  That's really something for me.

I took before and after photos of my eyes. 

Ignore the horrible overgrown eyebrows that will be plucked this week (GROSS!) and the bloodshot eye.  And I guess, after looking at these pictures, I should clarify that my upper lashes are the straight ones.  I have really long curled lower lashes and I never use mascara on them or it would look like I had spiders for eyes.   

Anyway, judge for yourself based on the upper lashes and if you like what you see, you can order the SuperCurlacious Mascara from my website or if you're local, directly from me. 

This mascara usually sells for $9.00 (much less than many fine, department store make-up brands but still more than I would like to pay).  Right now, the mascara is on sale for $4.99.  The nice thing about Avon is their catalogs run every two weeks and there's always something on significant sale.  That's when I stock up.

You can always shop my website ( for any other current deals.  Right now receive free direct shipping for orders over $30.00 (A perfect time to order valentine gifts!) Just enter the code: FS30REP when you check out.

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